Driving Economic Growth in Cold Lake

By providing support, networking and marketing opportunities for businesses of all shapes and sizes through our advocacy, membership and unique business initiatives in the Cold Lake Region.

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What types of businesses do we serve?

From non-profits to evolving companies, start-ups to established small businesses, the Cold Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce supports organizations in any phase of their development. 


You drive to improve our region is something we want to get behind. Consider enrolling your startup in the Cold Lake Chamber. We’ll help you to see the full potential of your new business.

Transitioning Businesses

Whether you’re transitioning from a part-time career to one where you’re fully invested, or from a home-based business to one that has a storefront, we will be there to support you.


Your organization exists to improve the lives of those in our community. Let us return the favour by helping your non-profit make a greater impact. 

Established Small Businesses

Whether your business has been around for 5 or 25 years, our network will help your small business prosper.

Why become a member?

Why Join the Cold Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce?

When you join the Cold Lake Chamber, you become part of the larger business community

As a Chamber member, you'll connect with like-minded business owners with the same hopes, struggles, and goals, and help you gain insight into your own business. Surround yourself with exactly these types of people. Grow your network, gain wisdom from fellow members, and support one another’s work.

Take a 360 Virtual Tour of Cold Lake

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The location of various members of the Chambers are pinned in the 360 Virtual Tour below!

Cold Lake Chamber Events

The Chamber hosts events and programs throughout the year to give our members the chance to network and showcase their work. Whether online or in-person, our events promise to connect you with the broader Lakeland business community.


Lakeland Lifestyle Expo

Our long-running Home & Leisure Trade Show has a new name—Lakeland Lifestyle Expo! The show has been revamped to modernize it and to offer something fresh to the Lakeland. Stay tuned for more details including dates of the first Expo.


Business of the Year Awards

A celebration of entrepreneurship

An annual recognition of business excellence

The Cold Lake business sector is flourishing. We’re proud to celebrate its prosperity and growth with the Lakeland Business of the Year Awards (BOYA). BOYA is an annual recognition of successful Lakeland businesses, their contributions to our economy, and their passion for our community.


Feast at the Beach

Our Feast at the Beach event gives the best excuse to celebrate the end of summer. Join the festivities on the Labour Day weekend for this free, family-friendly event at Kinosoo Beach.


Travel with the Chamber

We have a long history of introducing our business community to the rest of the world. Join us for one of our fully-organized trips and come home with a renewed sense of purpose and possibility for your business.

Stay informed about business-related news

If you’d like to hear updates on our advocacy work, find out about events when they’re announced, or get your feet wet with the Cold Lake Chamber before becoming a member, pun intended, join our newsletter list.

Member Showcase

We exist because and for our members. Our Member Showcase highlights the work and backstory of local businesses. Get to know the faces of the Cold Lake Chamber. Read our member stories below.

Are you a Cold Lake Chamber member? Would you like us to highlight your business? Share your experience with the Chamber.

Member Showcase: Octopus Creative

With its humble beginnings in 2016, Octopus Creative started in the middle of the oil & gas economic downturn. With fresh ideas of how to market businesses in the Lakeland, they had ...
Read more

Latest Chamber News

Learn about what we're working on. Hear news about our advocacy work and read about important announcements in our Chamber News

June 2022 – Newsletter

June 2022 - Chamber Newsletter
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Our Municipal & Corporate Members

Our corporate members are leaders of the community. Without their commitment and investment in our work, there would be no Chamber.





Our Municipal & Corporate Members





What Our Members Are Saying

Rick Hetherington

Tri-Town Registries

"The Cold Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce has been a great supporter and resource to my business over the years. They have been responsive to my queries and have... Read more


Damian & Andre Gagnier

A & A Glass Ltd.

"While we are busy running our small business, it’s comforting to know we have the Chamber of Commerce looking out for our best interests in the community."


Raymond Cowell

Wicked Watersport Rentals Inc.

“Great Board of Directors making up a diverse group of passionate business owners. Exceptional customer service, communication... Read more


Want to build your business in Alberta?

Join one of the most the most well-connected chambers in the province.

The Cold Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce is looking for entrepreneurs, non-profits, organizations, and community leaders to join us. Become part of the larger business sector in Cold Lake.


Want to build your business in Alberta?

Join one of the most the most well-connected chambers in the province.

The Cold Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce is looking for entrepreneurs, non-profits, organizations, and community leaders to join us. Become part of the larger business sector in Cold Lake.